Reserved commitment management

Automate & optimize commitment purchasing, reducing costs and manual tasks

Maximize value and ROI of commitment purchases using machine learning algorithms and expert human oversight

Leverage intelligent, custom-tailored strategies for purchasing and utilizing the widest range of reserved commitments, maximizing flexibility and savings


Analyze cloud usage and billing data across all subscriptions and linked accounts, alongside detailed marketplace and industry data to deliver a holistic, aggregated view of cloud consumption.


Insights turn into action with customized strategies designed to keep commitment terms low and utilization high, while maintaining flexibility by combining various reservation and Savings Plan options.


Continuously and dynamically manage commitment lifecycles to ensure maximum utilization and ROI of cloud purchases. Tune capacity as well as marketplace buying and selling to create an optimal portfolio of commitment types.

Maximize the value of cloud commitment purchases

Simplify reserved commitment planning

Spot eliminates complex and cumbersome processes to size and plan for resource requirements. Constantly analyzing data from cloud providers and your deployment, we identify and provide the best blend of Savings Plans and reserved instances, across all commitment lengths, to maximize savings and flexibility.

Reduce manual effort & increase FinOps Synergy

Free DevOps and Finance from the time and effort required to analyze and plan for buying reserved capacity using our solution, which combines continuous cloud monitoring and analysis with automation to automatically implement optimal purchasing strategies, even in highly dynamic environments. 

Maximize savings & ROI

Ensure that your cloud commitments are used as effectively as possible using our automated optimization. Spot balances your commitment portfolio, reducing on-demand usage while eliminating RI waste, and leverages the AWS Marketplace to buy and sell excess reservations to ensure maximum ROI on your cloud purchases.

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“Managing RIs manually is prone to human error. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to outsource those RI decisions to Eco. You talk with the Spot team about your savings strategy and then, after the initial technical onboarding, Eco goes on autopilot and that’s it!” 

Sven Ramuschkat, Founder

Eco for reserved commitment management

Eco delivers intelligent lifecycle automation for reserved instances and Savings Plans to maximize the ROI of cloud commitment purchases.

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