Spot for Microsoft Azure

More cloud, less complexity, lower costs.

Bring enhanced visibility, advanced automation, and continuous optimization to your Azure cloud operations.

Realize the full potential of your Azure cloud

Control costs

Access spare compute capacity for up to 90% less than pay-as-you-go pricing

Scale Bigger

Easily define autoscaling for heterogenous groups of VMs

Move faster

Reliably leverage Azure Spot VMs without disrupting your workloads

Fully-managed solutions for Azure cloud operations

Predictive infrastructure and application-driven scaling
Run mission-critical workloads on spot instances with guaranteed availability

Reserved Instance and Savings Plans optimization
Enjoy maximum cloud utilization and savings with minimum commitment and risk
Hands-free infrastructure for Kubernetes and ECS

Ensure your pods and tasks always have the resources they need with high availability and cost-efficiency

Actionable Cloud Cost Analysis
Unparalleled visibility with business analytics on cloud spend and usage, assess long-term performance, and drive cross-organizational alignment on cloud strategies.

It’s a turn-key product, we’ve allocated the nodes via Spot’s console, and since the initial configuration we didn’t really have to touch anything.

Alistair Mclean, Carbon CTO