Drive extreme cost-efficiency. Simplify infrastructure management.

Access spare compute capacity for up to 90% less than pay-as-you-go pricing
Easily define autoscaling for heterogenous groups of VMs
Reliably leverage Azure Spot VMs without disrupting your workloads
Intelligently manage and continuously optimize cloud infrastructure

Our cloud cost management suite for Azure

Workload Automation for Azure Spot VMs
Expand your usage of Azure's newest pricing model, spot VMs, for production and mission-critical workloads with up to 90% cost savings and enterprise-level SLA for high availability. Learn more
Hands-Free Kubernetes Infrastructure Management
Simplify your AKS infrastructure management with advanced, pod-driven autoscaling that drives greater availability, utilization and cost-efficiency. Learn more
Optimized Utilization of Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs)
Maximize your cloud savings with intelligent planning, procurement, utilization and lifecycle management for Azure RIs.*
Actionable Cloud Cost Analysis
Gain comprehensive visibility into cloud spend across all your accounts, subscriptions and workloads with optimization recommendations that can be implemented in just a few clicks.*

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It’s a turn-key product, we’ve allocated the nodes via Spot’s console, and since the initial configuration we didn’t really have to touch anything.
Alistair Mclean, Carbon CTO
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