Spot for Google Cloud

Take control of your Google Cloud spend

Hands-free cloud infrastructure management with up to 91% cost reduction.

Drive extreme cost-efficiency. Simplify infrastructure management.

Dramatic savings

Access spare compute capacity for up to 91% less than pay-as-you-go pricing

Cloud-native autoscaling

Effortlessly scale compute infrastructure for both Kubernetes and legacy workloads

High-availability SLA

Reliably leverage Spot VMs without disrupting your mission-critical workloads

Our cloud cost management solutions for Google Cloud

Hands-free infrastructure for Kubernetes and ECS

Ensure your pods and tasks always have the resources they need with high availability and cost-efficiency

Advanced workload automation and cost optimization

Run mission-critical and production workloads on highly affordable Spot VMs with guaranteed availability.

It was not only cost-effective, it was also extremely simple to deploy

Fernando Tralci, Head of Infrastructure