Reduce costs through actionable insights on your cloud environment, all in one place

Identify opportunities for cost savings, optimization, and waste reduction and accelerate the adoption of FinOps across your organization

Take control of your cloud resources and enhance visibility with a single view across your multi-cloud environment

Cost Intelligence empowers you to make informed decisions by giving you the data you need tailored to your specific role. With powerful dashboards and insight-driven visualizations on cloud costs, services, and your entire environment, you can ensure the success of short and long-term FinOps cost optimization projects and drive your overall FinOps strategy.

Plan for long-term success and identify immediate cost savings opportunities

Spot Cost Intelligence transforms cloud cost and usage data into the insights and visualizations a modern FinOps practice requires.

Enhance visibility

Create dynamic visualizations on cost and resources, giving stakeholders a 360-degree view of their cloud environments.

Identify quick wins and take action

Respond immediately when cost, usage, or availability alerts are triggered, or trends are identified to optimize savings and resource utilization.

Align stakeholders

Improve visibility and accountability across your organization by tracking costs with fully customizable dashboards and reporting.

Cost-cutting tactics of the past are no longer sufficient to maximize ROI on cloud spend and plan for long-term FinOps success. Learn what you can do about it.

Key Features

Maximize your cost optimization efforts, deliver the visibility needed to align stakeholders, and build a sound FinOps practice

Billing Engine and Cost Intelligence deliver intelligent cost allocation and actionable insights for your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments. Together, with Spot Eco and Ocean providing automated reserved commitment and infrastructure management, you can operationalize FinOps while delivering continuous cost optimization.