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One Spot for CloudOps

Visibility, automation and continuous optimization for all your cloud operations.

Best-in-class cloud operations at your service

Reliably, securely and efficiently deploy and operate infrastructure and applications in the cloud with Spot by NetApp solutions. Using continuous optimization, automation and insights, our products and technologies free operations teams from complexity and inefficiency so that you can maximize the value of your cloud investment.

Simplify and automate cloud operations

Free operations teams from complexity and overhead with solutions that automate deployment, scaling and resource management

Deliver applications faster and more reliably

Easily deploy, operate and scale infrastructure and applications based on best practices and real-time and predictive analytics of application needs

Maximize the value of your cloud investment

Utilize visibility, insights and automation to continuously optimize your cloud infrastructure, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency

Our CloudOps solution portfolio

Spot gives operations teams optimization and automation technology that helps them ensure performance, reduce complexity and optimize costs. Give your cloud workloads the benefits of best-in-class operations.

Cloud management and governance

Use visibility and insights to manage cloud spend and cost allocation and to optimize cloud commitments to reduce costs with a governed, scalable approach.

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Automated infrastructure optimization

Continuously optimize cloud resources for virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes to reduce costs and automate operations.

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Cloud security posture management

Take informed and timely action with contextualized visibility that cuts through the noise to show and prioritize threats for remediation.

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From startups to global enterprises, discover how we’re helping our customers automate, simplify and optimize their cloud operations.


We’ve saved roughly 60% off our compute costs, which I find pretty amazing.

– Max Blaze, Staff Operations Engineer


Spot by NetApp’s Elastigroup looked too good to be true, but we were convinced once we understood how the solution worked in our environment.

– Richard Marsh, director of operations


We knew the promise of spot instances, but it was hard for us to manage. Spot solves this exact problem for us.

– Vaibhav Puranik, SVP Engineering


As of today, 100% of our K8s workers are running with Spot. We are not thinking about cost any more, Spot does that for us!

– Shane Savoie, Chief Architect


Our successful adoption of microservices and containers in large part can be attributed to Spot keeping infra cost and management to a bare minimum.

– Steve Evans, VP of Engineering Services


We get better performance and more instance for our money. Spot is just easier to use, especially for Kubernetes.

– Michael Waltz, Principal DevOps Engineer

Your cloud, your tools, one Spot

Our software works with leading cloud platforms, services, and tools so that you can simplify and automate your cloud infrastructure wherever your workloads and applications run and however you run them.

No complex assembly required!

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