Samsung SDS applied Spot’s technology to its cloud management platform, GOV (Global One View) to offer its customers unprecedented savings of up to 90% off AWS EC2 costs and 84% off of Azure VM costs. This is accomplished by tapping cloud excess compute capacity, e.g spot instances, without compromising on high-availability. Providing their customers with easy access to this solution has put Samsung SDS in a unique position as a leader of compute orchestration across AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud globally.



how samsung uses spot cloud management cost provision tooling

The Challenge

For Samsung SDS and also for Samsung SDS’s customers, computing costs can rise very quickly, meaning optimization of environments is a constant focus. Ensuring cost optimization is a difficult task when the size and scope of the workloads stretch across multiple different environments and across cloud providers. Each environment can have unique usage, compute demand, configuration and integration needs, which means that optimization strategies Samsung SDS and its customers adopt need to be versatile and simple to implement at scale.

Spare capacity instances (e.g. spot instances), always an appealing cost optimization tool, could provide the significant cost reduction which Samsung SDS and its customers were hoping for, but implementing spare capacity computing across their many and varied environments would be an immensely complex task. Spare capacity instances don’t have any availability SLA and with different termination policies and rules depending on the provider, Samsung SDS could not afford the risk this posed to their customers’ need for high availability.

Why Spot

Elastigroup by Spot was an attractive solution to Samsung SDS and its customers as it automatically handles and abstracts the management and provisioning of spare capacity instances while ensuring high-availability.

  1. Spot provides the SLA that enterprises need for mission-critical and production applications. With application uptime backed by an SLA, Samsung SDS and its customers could be confident in their applications’ availability, even when running on spot instances.
  2. Elastigroup has native integrations with over 20 AWS, Azure, and 3rd party services. Elastigroup has in-built integrations for services such as Kubernetes, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk, Jenkins, as well as stateful applications support, and many more. This meant that Samsung SDS and its customers would not have to change the way that their DevOps operate, enjoying the cost reduction allowed by spare capacity across a wide variety of their environments.
  3. Elastigroup supports multiple Cloud providers. Elastigroup supports running applications on spare capacity from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud. The more applications, environments and providers which Elastigoup can support, the higher the level of optimization which Samsung SDS and its customers could achieve.


What’s next in the Samsung SDS and Spot journey

With this collaboration, Spot & Samsung SDS are better equipped to communicate and serve the global cloud market. As a leading IT services and solutions company, combining with Spot technology will enable Samsung SDS to grow its global cloud business, and implement best cost optimization practices across its cloud customer base.

Samsung SDS, is the ICT arm of the Samsung Group. Its solutions have been leading digital transformation and innovation for their clients for over 30 years and across a wide range of industries. With operations in 30 countries, Samsung SDS’s solutions utilize advanced analytics platforms, AI, and blockchain technologies to serve a diverse range of industries including financial services, smart manufacturing, global logistics, and retail.