Spot for Amazon Web Services

Automated infrastructure solutions for AWS

Fully-managed, intelligent cloud infrastructure with guaranteed availability and up to 90% cost savings.

Simplify infrastructure management with advanced automation, comprehensive visibility, and dramatically reduced costs.

High-availability SLA

Reliably run mission-critical workloads on EC2 spot instances with predictive algorithms and application-driven infrastructure ensuring high availability

Simplified cloud operations

Automatically scale compute resources and abstract away infrastructure management for Kubernetes and ECS workloads as well as legacy applications

Reduced cloud costs

Increase cloud ROI and resource utilization using an optimal blend of spot, reserved and on-demand instances coupled with AWS Savings Plans

Comprehensive spend analysis

Gain unprecedented visibility into all your cloud spend including Kubernetes with cloud-native cost allocation and showback

Our infrastructure automation and optimization suite for AWS

Cloud management platform for cost, security, utilization and inventory

Manage a hyper-dynamic, ephemeral, and elastic cloud environment as usage and demand grows


Hands-free infrastructure for Kubernetes and ECS

Ensure your pods and tasks always have the resources they need with high availability and cost-efficiency

Predictive infrastructure and application-driven scaling
Run mission-critical workloads on spot instances with guaranteed availability.

Reserved Instance and Savings Plans optimization
Enjoy maximum cloud utilization and savings with minimum commitment and risk

Spot by NetApp is a designated member of the Amazon Partner Network

Spot offers us a fully managed service that allows us to easily optimize our infrastructure cost even in highly scalable environments.

Chanel Chang, Software Engineer