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Our solutions use machine learning and analytics to automate and optimize cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure and GCP freeing application teams to focus on their applications, without worrying about their infrastructure.

I think of Spot not just as a cost optimization platform, but as our container experts.
Steve Evans, VP, Engineering Services
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How our products can help

Ensure availability & performance

Avoid service disruption while utilizing a balanced blend of spot, reserved and on-demand instances without compromising availability and reliability. Spot delivers availability and perfomance across all types of cloud compute resources using sophisticated machine learning and analytics to predict interruptions and auto-replace instances.

Continuously optimize cloud resources

Workloads get exactly the resources they need, when they need them, avoiding overprovisioning and reducing wasted resources. Spot's technology assesses and predicts resource requirements and autoscales your infrastructure in the most efficient way possible.

Reduce cloud infrastructure costs

Identify where and how you can save up to 90% without changing or rearchitecting your applications. Spot provides insights, guidance and automation across all your cloud infrastructures to understand and optimize your cloud spend.

Learn about our products for cloud automation and optimization

Cloud Analyzer
Unified portal for cloud spend visibility and one-click cost optimization across all your deployments.
Hands-free infrastructure management and cost optimization for containerized applications.
Full lifecycle management for optimized reserved capacity planning, purchasing and portfolio maintenance.
Reliable, SLA-backed consumption of spot instances and preemptible VMs for both stateful and stateless applications.

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