Continuous delivery of Kubernetes applications 10X faster with confidence

Ocean CD re-invents progressive deployments strategies to deliver code to production as fast and as frequently as your business demands.

Control and standardize the deployment process with Ocean CD

With hundreds of services over multiple clusters, providing control of the software deployment process and ensuring services behave as expected is not a trivial task. That’s exactly where Ocean CD comes in.

Shift left. Empower R&D teams with a Continuous Delivery product they can work with

Move from a simple deployment pipeline into full progressive delivery mode with a few simple steps.

Reduce DevOps customizations and tailored scripts per each of your CD pipelines.

Provide better control and understanding of the application state for service owners and developers.

Cloud-native continuous delivery architecture

Get continuous delivery pipelines in production within minutes

The Ocean CD architecture allows a multi-cluster solution for all your Kubernetes environments. It does that with reusable building blocks for traffic management, deployment strategies and verification queries.

Ocean CD empowers Argo rollouts as a canary engine. With Ocean CD’s scalable architecture, all the relevant tools are easily orchestrated to safely and quickly enable the process in a sustainable way.

We want our developers and DevOps teams to focus on applications, not on Kubernetes. Spot Ocean alleviates so many of the pains in managing cloud infrastructure for Kubernetes, and extending the capabilities of Spot Ocean to continuous delivery will bring even more efficiency and manageability to applications.

Corne Van Dyj, Head of system development

Managing software deployments over Kubernetes is challenging. Spot by NetApp provides us with a solution that optimizes cluster operations, and it makes perfect sense that Spot would also take on CD with Ocean to optimize software delivery.

Hoan Mac, Lead DevOps engineer

Key features

Continuous delivery, driven by verifications

Mitigate deployment issues with continuous verification

Continuously verify the deployed changes with monitoring tools like DataDog, NewRelic, CloudWatch and Prometheus.

Get better decisions in real time using traffic control, and catch problematic application behavior in early stages.

Improve failure detection and reduce recovery time with automatic rollbacks.

Enable automatic policies based on Kubernetes events, verification metrics or based on user intervention.

Progressive deployment strategies

Deploy gradually and get real-time change control

Using Ocean CD SaaS, canary deployment becomes easy to implement within minutes and can be used by Dev teams in Kubernetes production environments.

Easily define deployment strategies for your services. The Ocean CD strategies can be customized or reused over multiple services and manipulated by the user in real time.

By using Ocean CD you get Kubernetes deployment control and management platform.

Multi cluster visibility of your releases

Manage multiple Kubernetes pipelines simultaneously across all clusters

Provide a single source of truth for code changes with real-time tracking of deployment phases.

Allow R&D teams to get real-time insights, make decisions and automate the desired actions.

Save hundreds of hours when production is unstable as a result of an unsuccessful release.

One Spot for cloud operations and app delivery

Introducing Continuous Delivery as a Service, part of the Ocean DevOps suite for Kubernetes

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Provide R&D teams with continuous delivery they can work with