Serverless Container Infrastructure

The Best Place to Run Containers

Deliver highly-available, scalable and efficient infrastructure for cloud-native applications without the pains of infrastructure management.

Container Infrastructure Made Easy

Free developers and DevOps engineers from the burdens of provisioning and managing compute infrastructure for containers.

Rich Visibility into Your Container Stack

Gain insight into usage and costs for your containers, from the instances supporting them to the applications running in them.

The Best SLA for Your Container Workloads

Ensure that your containers always have the best performance, availability and cost by leveraging analytics and automation.

Customer Spotlight

"Using Spot, it was simple to set up the clusters, choose the CPU and memory. What’s amazing is that we have not needed to go back in and make any adjustments since. It’s much less labor overhead for us since Spot makes sure our clusters always have the resources they need."
Michael Waltz | Principal DevOps Engineer

Minimize Cloud Infrastructure Costs

Our software automatically determines the most balanced and cost-effective way to allocate cloud compute resources across spot instances, reserved instances, savings plans, and on-demand resources. Intelligent placement and bin-packing of pods and tasks drives optimal utilization, helping you save up to 90% on infrastructure costs, without complex manual resource planning and allocation. 

Minimize Cloud Infrastructure Costs

Simplify and Automate Infrastructure Management

Using real-time monitoring and analytics, Spot provides auto-scaling of cluster capacity and continuous right-sizing of resource consumption, maximizing utilization and efficiency without tedious manual work.

Simplify and Automate Infrastructure Management

Gain Top-to-Bottom Observability Into Your Container Stack

From the infrastructure supporting it to the applications running on it, Spot provides unparalleled visibility into your container stack. Easy drill-down by namespace, deployment, resources, labels, annotations and other container entities gives engineering and devops teams the information they need to understand spend driven by cloud-native workloads.

Gain Top-to-Bottom Observability Into Your Container Stack

Deliver Performance and Availability You Can Rely On

Automatic instance replacement keeps applications up and running even when resources fail, while advanced monitoring and analytics automatically deliver the resources applications need using both container-driven, predictive autoscaling as well as buffers of extra CPU and memory.

Deliver Performance and Availability You Can Rely On

Seamless Integrations

Works with the tools and services you use