Take informed and timely action with contextualized visibility into all potential cloud security threats

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Designed for the cloud, Spot Security identifies the most critical vulnerabilities based on potential attack surface and cloud resource relationship, enabling prioritized remediation.

Gain a multi-faceted view of your cloud infrastructure alongside security and compliance posture with clear observability of the logical network or policy view of your services.
Focus only on the relevant security landscape and threats with custom resource subsets and easily defined service maps.
Reduce attack surface with intelligent assessment of the most critical security issues for immediate remediation.
Risks maps of cloud infrastructure resources and their relationships to each other are monitored for access, use and configuration changes to limit the impact on overall services.

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How Spot Security works

How it works


Understand and learn your cloud utilization, configuration, network communication, audit trails and more.


AI-driven identification and ranking of security risks, misconfigurations, compliance issue and anomalous behavior


Eliminate vulnerability with customizable security focus, guided remediation and intelligent prioritization of critical issues for optimal security workflow and results.


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