Ocean Insights now available for Google Cloud

As companies move more applications into the cloud, and package them into containers, environments become more complex with limited visibility. While infrastructure is abstracted away as much of it is delivered by the hyperscalers, this creates an opaqueness that makes it hard to control costs and understand resource utilization. As a result, many companies are experiencing high cloud bills and lots of cloud waste.

Visibility is a key enabler of cloud operations, and Spot by NetApp has been building capabilities into our suite of CloudOps tools that give our customers detailed, actionable insight into their cloud so they spend less and run optimized. One of the most powerful new visibility tools that Spot recently introduced was Ocean Insights, as part of the Ocean suite for Kubernetes. Ocean Insights is designed to help customers understand the value they can gain from automating and optimizing their cloud with Ocean.

Insights is a free tool that reads and analyzes data from your Kubernetes cluster using a simple controller that makes no changes to cluster configurations. Once installed, Ocean Insights, which now supports Google Cloud in addition to AWS, delivers detailed reports on potential savings and resource utilization of your cloud environments, including production cluster. With Insights, you’ll see what you’re currently spending and what you could be saving by implementing cost optimization strategies with Ocean. Potential savings can be realized by using Ocean to run workloads on Spot VMs instead of on demand, and even more savings can be achieved through bin packing and right-sizing containers. 

For more information and to get started visit our documentation.