The Most Efficient Kubernetes Cluster on Earth

Hands-free cluster management for Kubernetes.
Deploy Pods (Relax) and Let Elastigroup right size the infrastructure for you.
Save 80% on your compute costs by running on Cloud excess capacity

Spotinst Elastigroup delivers the most efficient Kubernetes clusters on earth. By reliably leveraging cloud excess capacity (Spot Instances) to save 80% of the compute costs and dynamically rightsizing infrastructure based on the Deployment needs, at scale.

How it works

Elastigroup integrates with existing “Kubernetes as a Service” solutions such as Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS) or vanilla Kubernetes clusters via KOPS and provides scaling service for provisioning, managing and scaling the Kubernetes nodes.




Key Features

Pod Driven Autoscaling

Your VMs size is determined by your Pods & Deployments parameters. Elastigroup re-schedules Pods to optimize your cluster for performance and costs.  Read More


Heterogeneous Instance Fleets

Elastigroup utilizes multiple Instance Types from different Instance families and sizes to increase the cluster’s performance and efficiency (including GPU & FPGA support).


Pay 80% less on compute infrastructure

Elastigroup reliably utilizes Spot Instances based on Machine Learning models to predict Spot Instances interruption to maintain high-availability.

Always up

Elastigroup uses Spot Instances to reduce costs, however, when Spot Instances are not available, it automatically falls back to On-Demand Instances. When Elastigroup uses On-Demand, it will opportunistically revert back to Spot Instances when capacity is available.


Prioritizes existing Reservations (RIs)

Elastigroup discovers unutilized Reservations in real-time and prioritizes Reservations usage prior to launching Spot Instances.


Enhanced monitoring & auto-healing capabilities

Advanced dashboards to track the Kubernetes cluster utilization and efficiency.


No VMs or Clusters to manage

Elastigroup frees you from having to pick specific instance types, administering servers, and optimizing cluster utilization.

Auto Scaling

Elastigroup Auto Scale your clusters based on your Containers requirements. It also Scales down to zero when resources are not needed.

Cloud Agnostic

Elastigroup runs within your own secure cloud account using a provider of your choice, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Securely run on your infrastructure

Get the best out of both worlds; no need to administer servers, and still run within your own VPC.


Enhanced Cluster topology view & container level monitoring

Save 80% on your compute costs

Seamlessly run on Spot Instances and save up to 80% on your compute costs while maintaining 100% availability, relying on cutting-edge Predictive ML.

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