Customized cloud billing, cost optimization, & visibility

Eco Reports is a cloud billing and cost management solution that streamlines chargeback, showback, and invoicing activities. It optimizes RI and Savings Plans consumption and provides customizable cost visibility. This helps you improve resource tracking, simplify billing, and increase efficiency among internal teams.

Cloud Analyzer Dashboard

Take your managed cloud services to the next level

Create custom billing rules and generate simulation reports to validate rule viability and profitability.
Group cloud accounts into distinct subsets for easier billing and highly accurate RI and Savings Plans cost and discount sharing.
Build a high-ROI, low-risk cloud commitment portfolio that matches your stakeholders’ current and projected needs with automated Savings Plans and RI lifecycle optimization.
Share full visibility into cloud spend with stakeholders viewing their cost based on defined billing rules with best-practices recommendations and actionable insights.
Using Eco by Spot has completely revolutionized how Arcadia buys, sells and utilizes reserved cloudcapacity, more than doubling our savings. We now are able to access long-term pricing with mostly short-term commitments, keeping us nimble and cost-efficient.
Britt Sutcliffe, Technology Project & Cost Manager
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