How the Eco Value Report gives you time back

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You’re a Cloud Strategist and your time is in demand. Your whole team is occupied meeting timelines and addressing concerns related to your business, which is why it made sense to sign up for Spot by Netapp’s Eco product in the first place. Eco’s ability to provide dedicated, cloud savings without taking your valuable time is just what the doctor ordered. In fact, Eco does such a good job, often the only time you think about it is when it is time to pay the bill. Naturally, that may give you pause. Before you validate the Spot by Netapp invoice, questions arise:

  • How much savings does Eco provide? 
  • Is Eco doing what it’s supposed to in my environment? 
  • Is Eco considering my unique business needs? 
  • Is there someone I can talk to there? 

These are the prudent business questions that you should be asking. Fortunately, we built a dashboard in the Spot platform to address them. Unfortunately, the very same lack of bandwidth that led you to Eco in the first place is now preventing you from logging into the platform as often as you would like. See the first sentence of this blog; Your time is in demand.

Understanding your needs and responsibilities has always been important to us. As we got to know you better, it became obvious the Eco dashboard alone is not enough to reach you. Now, direct to your inbox, Eco’s Monthly Value Report Email is a simple way we can keep you up to speed on the work being done on your behalf. We hope to give you peace of mind as we deliver a better understanding of the value Eco provides: last month’s savings, total savings since you began as an Eco customer, a list of actions Eco took on your behalf, and the top instance types by savings, are just some of the details provided. 

With Eco, your AWS infrastructure savings are maximized automatically, allowing you to save time and focus on what matters most. Interested in getting started with Eco? Schedule a demo today!