Spotinst Ocean now supports Preferred (Soft) Pod Affinity & Port Restrictions

We’re excited to share that Spotinst Ocean now natively supports constraints like Preferred (Soft) Pod Affinity & Port Restrictions

  • Preferred Pod Affinity: When using nodeAffinity you can constrain pods to nodes with particular labels. The configuration is flexible in which you can define whether these constraints are “required” or “preferred”. Spotinst Ocean collects this information and assigns the Pods with the requested infrastructure in case it’s not available in the cluster. In the event of Soft (“Preferred”) affinity, Spotinst Ocean will consider it on a best-effort going.

  • Port Restrictions: When Pods are assigned with actual nodes (Instances) they are assigned with a dynamic port allocation (usually working behind an Ingress Controller to route traffic in&out) However, sometimes users might need static Port definition, for example, Pods that need a hard-coded port like 80 or 443. Spotinst Ocean now takes that constraint into account when scaling nodes up or down. If a Pod that has a Static Port configuration will need a node to run on, Spotinst Ocean will assign it with a node that isn’t using this Port already.

These features are automatically available in all Ocean clusters and Regions.

Read more about Pods, Labels and Constraints in our documentation.