Spotinst Ocean expands with ‘Run Workloads’

Managing Kubernetes clusters via multiple interfaces can sometimes be a hassle.
The daily motivation at Spotinst is simplifying our customers’ cloud operations with a smoother serverless experience. Today we are extremely excited to announce our latest development, ‘Run Workloads

Up to this point, Spotinst Ocean has been managing the underlying infrastructure of Kubernetes clusters. With ‘Run Workloads’, it is now possible to also manage the application layer and execute Kubernetes workloads directly from the Spotinst Ocean console.

‘Run Workloads’ provides the user with the ability to completely adjust and configure Kubernetes clusters from the Ocean console, without the overhead in provisioning pods via the cluster itself.

This is a huge milestone towards a better E2E automated solution we wish to provide our customers with the management of their Kubernetes operations.

By using ‘Run Workloads’, you will be able to provision and manage deployments, pods, and daemonSets directly from the Spotinst console.

Running Kubernetes workloads directly from the Spotinst Ocean console is another piece in the puzzle towards a more elastic future.

For more details, please check out our detailed blog post on ‘Running Workloads’