Spotinst ECS Autoscaler now supports Elastic Network Interface (ENI) Trunking

AWS ECS users who want more granular control over how their containerized applications communicate with each other and with other services within their VPC, can configure their task definitions with the awsvpc network mode  to ensure that every task  launched from that task definition gets its own ENI. 

Recently AWS significantly increased the ENI limits for ECS tasks in awsvpc Networking Mode, anywhere from 3 to 8 times the previous limits, depending on supported instance types

Spotinst ECS Autoscaler now supports this recent increase in ENI limits.

Spotinst Ocean and Elastigroup users can benefit from higher cluster resource optimization (that results from placing more tasks on fewer instances), by simply opting in to the  awsvpcTrunking account settings.

Support for awsvpcTrunking is built-in for the Spotinst ECS Autoscaler, and customers who have the setting turned on in their AWS account and use awsvpc network mode for their ECS tasks will enjoy the benefits take effect without any further action required on their part.