See AKS costs like never seen before

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Deploying Kubernetes workloads in Azure using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) empowers organizations with the ability to scale with unlimited compute and storage resources. But every organization needs to keep track of its cloud spend and avoid spiraling costs or financial surprises. This makes visibility into cloud costs crucial to understanding cloud and application cost structure.

Trying to understand and manage Kubernetes costs can be daunting even for experienced Kubernetes practitioners, as workloads are never static and always fluctuating in their demand for compute and storage resources. In a Kubernetes environment, multiple applications and services share the same infrastructure, often blurring the lines of cost allocation among different teams or products. Without a clear cost allocation strategy, it can be challenging to determine the exact cost contribution of each service, leading to potential budget misalignments.


AKS workload costs should not be a mystery

At Spot by NetApp, we think it is important for everyone to have a comprehensive and clear breakdown of Kubernetes costs, encompassing compute and storage expenses. Visibility is the first step in understanding and optimizing these costs, which is vital to maximizing investment. Therefore, we have developed Ocean AKS Cost Analysis to assist users in analyzing compute and storage costs by team or service. Ocean Cost Analysis breaks down infrastructure costs and offers insights into each layer, enabling detailed application cost analysis and efficient chargebacks without extensive resource tagging.


Gain those much-needed insights

Ocean Cost Analysis transforms the way organizations view cluster costs, empowers users to manage Kubernetes costs more effectively, and assists in ensuring every dollar spent is fully optimized. With its detailed and user-friendly features, Ocean provides in-depth insights into your Kubernetes spending. Key capabilities and benefits include:

  • Granular cost breakdown: Understand more by drilling down into costs by namespaces and individual workloads within namespaces
  • Advanced grouping and filtering: Get a tailored analysis by utilizing groupings and filters based on container labels and annotations.
  • Comprehensive cost insights: Get a nuanced view, extending to both compute and storage costs for each workload, which includes:
    • Detailed insights into cloud infrastructure costs
    • Facilitation of precise cloud expense management
  • Simplified chargeback process: Assigning internal chargebacks becomes accurate and straightforward, eliminating the need for extensive resource tagging.
  • Efficient and non-intrusive operation: Ocean’s cost analysis is efficiently carried out without the need to install any services other than the Ocean Controller, ensuring minimal disruption to your existing operations.


Ready for an eye-opening AKS Cost Analysis?

Understanding and managing Kubernetes costs does not have to be a complex puzzle. With Ocean for AKS, you gain clarity and control over your infrastructure spending, ensuring your investment is optimized and aligned with your organizational goals. Dive deeper into efficient Kubernetes cost management and explore Ocean for AKS or contact our team for more information and insights.