New Stackdriver Metrics for GCP Elastigroups

Spotinst Elastigroup uses Google Stackdriver for autoscaling instances based on metrics such as CPU utilization. An important metric that was missing is support for PubSub metrics and we are pleased to announce that Elastigroup now has support for it.

In Elastigroup, users can now use Pub/Sub metrics for autoscaling your compute instances based on specific metrics. You can configure Pub/Sub metrics in the Up-Scaling and Down Scaling Policy sections under the Elastigroup’s Scaling tab.

The following is a list of the supported Pub/Sub metrics for Elastigroup:

  • subscription/num_outstanding_messages
  • subscription/backlog_bytes
  • subscription/num_undelivered_messages
  • subscription/oldest_retained_acked_message_age_by_region
  • subscription/oldest_unacked_message_age
  • subscription/unacked_bytes_by_region
  • subscription/oldest_unacked_message_age_by_region

To learn more about Elastigroup on Google Cloud Platform, please check out our documentation and product page.