Introducing a Terraform Blueprint template for Spotinst Ocean and Amazon EKS

For the past 6 months, Spotinst Ocean has been steadily growing as the “go to” product for managing Kubernetes worker nodes and providing engineering teams with a Serverless Container experience.

Many of our customers opt to use Terraform as their “infrastructure as code” solution, and in order to provide a simple way to get started or to integrate with existing Terraform templates, we are happy to release a Terraform blueprint template that deploys Spotinst Ocean backed by Amazon EKS in AWS.

Prior to this template, the available action was to create an EKS cluster independently and link it to a new Ocean cluster or use our custom Cloudformation template to create both resources.

For a step by step guide to creating an Ocean based EKS cluster via Terraform, please refer to our documentation.

To understand more about the template itself, please have an additional read on the GitHub page of the module.

Stay tuned for more!