Enhanced Kubernetes right-sizing features for fine-tuned application efficiency

Spot by NetApp’s Ocean continuously optimizes Kubernetes clusters with a wide feature set tackling different aspects of running and managing Kubernetes containers in a cloud environment. To help users improve the efficiency and performance of their cloud environments, Ocean’s rightsizing capabilities provide recommendations that target over-provisioning and underutilization. 

Container resource requests, which are defined in a Kubernetes cluster, determine a pod’s allocation to a node. Incorrect assumptions for CPU and memory requirements can incur unnecessary and costly cloud infrastructure waste. With Ocean, users have access to detailed right sizing recommendations that fine-tune these resource requests based on actual resource utilization of any running application, over time. 

To help our customers implement these recommendations easily, Spot has enhanced this feature to deliver more meaningful insights and easier management with two additions to Ocean’s right-sizing API.

Detailed filtering by Kubernetes labels, annotations and namespaces

Many Ocean users have big clusters with many workloads running. To help them identify the workloads where right sizing recommendations should be implemented, a new filtering mechanism has been added. Users can now filter recommendations by Kubernetes labels, annotations and namespaces according to existing workload configurations. 

Ocean right sizing

Container-level right-sizing recommendations

Prior to this update, recommendations were generated by the Kubernetes workload with no way to distinguish between the different applications running in it. Now, if there are multiple containers running in a workload, recommendations can be provided for each specific container. Application owners can focus on improving specific application resource requests and make impactful changes to resource utilization. Recommendations are displayed on updated dashboards within the Ocean console, making it easy to implement changes for each relevant container.

Ocean right sizing

For more details about the new API please refer to the relevant Spot documentation for Ocean Kubernetes AWS and Ocean GKE.