Associate AWS IAM Roles to Spotinst Functions

Today, we introduce support for “execution roles”, an IAM Role Permission model for Spotinst Functions that lets you easily access AWS services and resources from your Spotinst Function.

When a Function is being executed, it often needs to securely access and perform actions against resources and services in your AWS account. In order to allow that, the function code needs to be associate with an IAM role that has the appropriate permissions. For example, to retrieve and process documents from your S3 bucket, the function needs readObject permissions for your S3 bucket.

Starting today, you can easily associate an AWS IAM Role with your Spotinst Function, providing it with the relevant set of required permissions. The Function then assumes this role on your behalf during execution.

IAM execution roles are now available through the Spotinst console, APIs and Serverless Framework CLI .

To learn more, visit our documentation.