Spot by NetApp a leader in GigaOm Radar for Cloud Resource Optimization for third year in a row

In the last few years, many businesses have migrated much of their operations to the cloud, and with increased usage, the complexity of managing cloud costs and achieving operational efficiency has grown as well. In many cases, cloud usage is outpacing the capabilities or availability of DevOps and FinOps teams to effectively manage a larger, more complex cloud infrastructure, so cloud optimization solutions are becoming the lifeline to maintaining reliable and cost-efficient operations. In our third year as a leader, we’ve seen the market mature away from just focusing on cost savings and deeper into balancing spend and performance, a trend well suited for Spot by NetApp customers.

To get the most from cloud investments, not just optimizing for cost, organizations are requiring their optimization solutions to integrate with FinOps solutions to maintain high performance and availability while minimizing waste. In this year’s report, GigaOm explains the trend: “In some cases, organizations need to go beyond cost savings and deeper into performance tuning.”


GigaOm Radar for Cloud Resource Optimization

The GigaOm Radar for Cloud Resource Optimization report highlights leading cloud resource optimization offerings and helps decision-makers evaluate these solutions so they can make a more informed investment decision.

Vendors were assessed on functionality, such as Kubernetes resource management, AI/ML-driven predictions, abandoned resource identification, and integrations with DevOps & ITSM tools. In addition, the report compared business criteria such as cost, scalability, and usability.

Key takeaway from this year’s report:

  • Every usage of CPU, memory, network, and storage incurs costs, emphasizing the need for efficient constant resource management to align the supply of computing resources with demand.
  • FinOps tools are good for identifying areas of waste, but other tools are needed to reduce that waste effectively.
  • Cloud Resource Optimization tools are needed to determine where optimizations can be made, and how to reduce waste.
  • Going deeper into performance tuning can implicitly obtain the benefit of cost savings.
  • Leading vendors are expected to consolidate cloud management, FinOps and cloud resource optimization tools to a cohesive solution.

The report recognizes Spot by NetApp as a leader for the third year in a row and a fast mover in the Maturity and Platform Play section. Spot by NetApp’s comprehensive suite of solutions for optimizing public cloud spend and infrastructure provides:

  • Automatic provisioning of VMs, containers and Kubernetes infrastructure to support dynamic workload requirements.
  • AI/ML-driven autoscaling which continuously optimizes cloud resources, balancing availability, performance, and cost.
  • Detailed insights into cloud spending, enabling data-driven decisions and better management of cloud budget.
  • Recommendations and optimizations to reduce cost and waste and achieve operational efficiency.
  • Automation of manual, burdensome DevOps and FinOps activities, so their efforts can be focused on strategic tasks that drive business innovation and value creation.

“GigaOm’s recognition serves as formidable proof of Spot by NetApp’s passion for delighting customers. Innovation and expertise are pillars in our dedicated pursuit to maximizing the value of our customers’ cloud investment.”

Marc Fleischmann, SVP/GM, Spot by NetApp



Understanding the GigaOm Radar

To compare cloud resource optimization solutions, GigaOm plots vendors along a chart (or “Radar”) according to their features, platform, maturity, and innovation. The closer to the center of the Radar a vendor appears, the more they strike a balance between maturity in the marketplace and innovation to stay ahead of the competition. This analysis also compares whether a vendor has a focus on narrow features versus building a broader platform.


Learn why Spot by NetApp is a leader in cloud resource optimization

The GigaOm report concludes that Spot by NetApp is “a comprehensive suite and a tried-and-true solution for all facets of managing cloud infrastructure,” and that it has been “trusted by users for years to easily and reliably optimize cloud resources and generate the cost savings that can be counted on.” Try Spot today to simplify and automate your cloud operations and maximize the value of your cloud investment.