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One Spot for all your Azure CloudOps

Continuously optimize and automate your infrastructure to deliver cloud applications at scale

Maximize the value of your engineering and cloud resources


Relieve operations teams of complexity and overhead with solutions that automate infrastructure provisioning, deployment, and resource management.


Do more with your existing budget with continuous optimization of cost together with resource utilization.


Leverage ML/AI-driven automation to run more efficient cloud operations and free up time, budget, and resources to focus on innovation.

Streamline and optimize your Azure cloud operations with Spot

Holistic, enterprise grade

A complete solution that easily integrates with your existing tools and infrastructure with no complex setup required and 24/7 expert support included.

AI/ML-driven automation

Benefit from intelligent provisioning and autoscaling of cloud infrastructure based on predictive and real-time analysis of VMs and container workload requirements.

Maximum commitment savings

Optimize Azure commitment planning, purchasing, and management with the greatest flexibility, maximum utilization, and minimum risk.

Comprehensive cost management

Gain unparalleled visibility, recommendations, and best practice checks to optimize cloud spend and resources and eliminate waste.

Zero-touch data infrastructure

Get managed operations and support for PostgreSQL, OpenSearch, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, and more, with nodes optimized for performance and price.

Spot’s CloudOps solutions for Azure can be purchased directly or through the Azure Marketplace

In practice, Azure compute cannot be optimized without a third-party solution. With Spot by NetApp, we exceeded our extremely ambitious savings target of 25% in just two months — further than we ever thought was possible.

Richard Marsh, Director of Operations

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