Spot by NetApp FinOps Insights and Management

Comprehensive multi-cloud cost analytics, management, and optimization for enterprises and MSPs

Power your FinOps practice with comprehensive visibility and reporting, commitment optimization, accurate cost allocation, and streamlined billing processes.

Transform your cloud strategy and your business with FinOps insights and management

Reduce costs through actionable cost analysis

Plan smarter with deep insights gained through interactive dashboards and granular reports on costs and resources across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments — all in a single place.

Identify quick wins and take action

Continuously monitor cloud costs, usage, and utilization through 600+ best practice checks, with actionable guidance to optimize or remediate alert-driven issues.

Ensure spend alignment and accountability

Easily and accurately allocate spend to cost centers (including showback, chargeback), and simplify complex billing processes and reporting.

Optimize cloud commitments, automatically

Gain a continuously optimized commitment portfolio that ensures maximum resource utilization and flexibility with minimum risk.

The Spot by NetApp FinOps Insights and Management products include:

Gain actionable insights on your multi-cloud environment, all in one place

Quickly and easily identify cost savings and waste reduction opportunities, and flag problems immediately through dashboards, drill down reports, and best practice checks, ensuring you can make informed decisions.

Streamline invoicing with a flexible, customizable billing engine

Simplify complex billing processes and enable accurate, granular chargeback and showback to cost centers, and track the success of cost management activities.

Get the most out of cloud commitments, with minimum risk

Automate and optimize cloud commitment purchasing and management to maximize cost savings and utilization with minimum spend and risk, while reducing time spent on capacity planning.

Manage multi-cloud environments in a single solution

Get insightful visibility, best practice checks, and billing automation to better manage cloud costs, optimize resources, and strengthen security and compliance for MSPs and enterprises.

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Operationalize FinOps to deliver continuous cloud and cost optimization

The FinOps Insights and Management products are part of Spot by NetApp’s FinOps portfolio, which includes Ocean and Elastigroup for infrastructure optimization.

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