GigaOm names Spot by NetApp a Cloud FinOps leader for the 3rd year in a row

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Spot by NetApp is once again thrilled to be named a leader and outperformer in FinOps by tech industry analyst firm GigaOm – for the third year in a row!

Spot by NetApp’s continued leadership position is based on GigaOm’s extensive research and analysis, which resulted in high rankings across multiple factors, including product stability, the pace of execution, planned roadmap of innovation and emerging features, revenue growth and the organization’s reputation and longevity in the market. Moreover, GigaOm believes that Spot by NetApp is one of the strongest players in the FinOps market thanks to its holistic problem-solving capabilities and support for many different FinOps use cases, as well as applicability to a range of organizations, industries, and user requirements.

The annual GigaOm Radar for Cloud FinOps specifically calls out Spot by NetApp’s capabilities around cloud rate optimization, cost allocation, and commitment optimization, as well as the depth and breadth of analytics and reporting. It also highlights Spot by NetApp’s new UI and ease of deployment and use. Significantly, the radar notes that Spot by NetApp uniquely delivers infrastructure optimization as part of our FinOps offering, highlighting container and Kubernetes management capabilities to support the added complexity of microservices as a key differentiator. Spot by NetApp’s participation in and support for FinOps Foundation FOCUS specification to normalize cloud provider and third-party data is another strength highlighted in the radar.


Cost and infrastructure optimization need to unify

This recognition by GigaOm validates and underscores our mission, and the value of our product offering and roadmap to enable both enterprise organizations and managed service providers move forward on their FinOps journey. Spot helps these organizations go beyond tactical cost savings initiatives and truly drive a strategic FinOps practice that maximizes the value of the cloud for themselves and their customers.

Without a doubt, controlling cloud spend remains a key business objective. However, given the complexity of today’s multi-cloud environments, FinOps strategies can only truly be successful — and realize their full potential — if cost management processes are inherently aligned with infrastructure management processes since they are inextricably linked to and directly impact each other.

Yet today, visibility into infrastructure and visibility into cloud costs are separate and siloed, and so are the teams and the tooling they use to manage each domain. The reality is that each team often works independently of the other, without considering the impact on each other. This creates friction, generates resource and cost waste, and can create application workload performance problems when the infrastructure is over- or under-provisioned due to miscommunication between the teams. These misalignments ultimately harm the business both in the short term and long term. Spot by NetApp’s solution for FinOps aims to resolve these disparate realities — and the problems they create — by aligning and unifying the teams and the tooling they use to enable organizations to realize the value of FinOps.


Going beyond savings to deliver the next generation of FinOps

Spot by NetApp provides an integrated offering for FinOps that cohesively, continuously, and consistently delivers holistic, multi-cloud visibility and analytics into costs and resources, together with AI/ML-driven automated cost optimization and cloud infrastructure.

With Spot by NetApp, FinOps stakeholders get interactive, customizable dashboards and drill-down reports to fully understand their current and historical cloud costs, commitments, spend trends, and resource usage across their multi-cloud environments and identify waste and optimization opportunities. Furthermore, Spot by NetApp can automatically apply the right billing rules and allocate costs accurately to the relevant cost centers, such as DevOps team, product, business unit, or any other company-defined parameter. These insights and capabilities enable stakeholders to gain a complete and accurate picture of their costs and cost drivers, giving them the insights needed to make data-driven business decisions on issues such as the cost of revenue, budgeting and forecasting, product development and roadmaps, and profitability of cloud-related services.

Just as important, organizations can now effectively — and continuously — optimize cloud costs in alignment with infrastructure requirements. Spot by NetApp manages and optimizes commitments to ensure optimal utilization; provides best practices checks to immediately detect and flag issues related to cost, usage, and utilization issues; and automates workflows for remediation of those issues. Hand in hand, Spot by NetApp can auto-scale and predictively rebalance cloud infrastructure based on real-time analysis of workload requirements, such as VMs, containers, and Kubernetes.

Through this unified approach to cost and infrastructure optimization, organizations will gain the greatest cost savings and resource efficiencies while maintaining high reliability and workload performance — without creating friction and overburdening teams, and without sacrificing reliability, flexibility, or risking financial lock-in. Collectively, these FinOps capabilities help foster stakeholder collaboration and drive ownership and accountability for cloud use. They also provide the necessary foundation to define and apply FinOps governance throughout the organization.

It’s important to note that Spot by NetApp is an integrated suite of products for FinOps, designed to be deployed to support the organization wherever they are on their FinOps journey. By supporting FinOps stakeholders and aligning with the FinOps framework and the right technology solutions, we partner with our customers to help them as they grow their cloud and mature their FinOps practices. And this is why and how we have earned our leadership position in this radar and in the market.

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