Understand and reduce your cloud infrastructure costs to get the most out of your cloud investments.

Get a complete view into your cloud costs across all your cloud accounts
Extensive analytics show you where and how to improve your cloud efficiency
Implement automated optimization in just a few clicks

Understand & control cloud costs

Meaningful insights into cloud costs
Get a comprehensive view across tags, accounts, usage type, workload and more. Our analytics give you visibility into costs for each account, team and service today and projected future costs.
Measure your cloud efficiency
Use your cloud efficiency score, a measurement of cost efficiency, to help you understand how and where you can improve utilization and reduce costs, and track your progress improving your efficiency in the future.
Advanced cost allocation & showback
Understand your costs by namespaces, resources, labels, and annotations across all your clusters whether running in EKS, GKE, AKS or other Kubernetes orchestrators, for accurate cost allocation and showback.
Maximum cloud ROI
Get the most out of your cloud investment with specific, actionable recommendations to fully utilize your cloud infrastructure that you can implement and automate continuously in just a few clicks.
Cloud Analyzer connects cloud cost visibility and recommendations with the concrete ability to optimize cloud cost and utilization.
Or Tzabari, Senior Director, Production Engineering
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Insights, recommendations & automation with Cloud Analyzer

Cloud Analyzer from Spot gives data-driven insights into your cloud infrastructure together with recommendations to maximize cloud efficiency that you can implement in just a few clicks.

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