Deliver fully optimized & automated infrastructure scaling

Elastigroup simplifies and automates cloud infrastructure for scale-out applications, freeing operations teams from the burdens of infrastructure management. It continuously analyzes your resource usage and provides autoscaling groups that optimize compute resources to ensure availability and meet resource demands using the lowest-cost compute options.

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Automate infrastructure scaling, performance & cost savings

Use advanced analytics and automation to ensure that applications always have the resources they need, without interruption.
Manage provisioning, scaling and monitoring for cloud compute without the complexity and risk of manual and custom approaches.
Reliably leverage the most cost-effective cloud compute without adding complexity or risking availability, saving up to 90%.
As our confidence in the platform grew stronger, we gradually on-boarded more AWS accounts, and today we are running hundreds of EC2 instances across several AWS accounts with Elastigroup.
Pradeep Thangavel, Engineering Manager
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How it works


Using machine learning models based on years of data on cloud compute markets and real-time monitoring of your resource usage, Elastigroup models both your resource needs and cloud capacity, demand and pricing by instance type, size, OS and location.


Uses predictive analytics algorithms to predict spot instance interruptions in advance, gracefully draining at-risk instances and migrating them to new instances to avoid disruption and maintain required capacity.


Chooses the best instance type to launch when scaling up and which instance to terminate when scaling down, taking into account price and user-specified scaling and provisioning policies.


Continuously assesses health of instances based on preconfigured health checks, proactively replacing unhealthy instances to ensure availability based on cloud provider criteria, third party integrations, or custom definitions.


Predictive autoscaling

Elastigroup’s predictive autoscaling simplifies the process of defining scaling policies, identifying peak times and automatically scaling to ensure the right capacity in advance. Machine learning algorithms predict the future load of your application and proactively scale the cluster in order to accommodate peak traffic.

Cost optimization

Elastigroup keeps your cluster running at the best possible performance while using the optimal mix of on-demand, spot and reserved instances. It ensures that underutilized reserved instances are used before launching spot instances, and it uses on-demand resources it automatically reverts to spot instances whenever possible without losing data or state.

Enterprise-grade SLA

Elastigroup constantly monitors and predicts spot instance behavior, capacity trends, pricing, and interruption rates. Whenever there’s a risk of interruption, Elastigroup acts in advance to add capacity and replace instances in advance.

Real-time visibility & monitoring

Elastigroup provides valuable visibility into cluster activity and costs. Use live views of potential and actual costs, resource utilization, and running instances. Set budgets per cluster, define alert thresholds and receive notification alerts about budget deviations.

Application-aware infrastructure

Elastigroup matches infrastructure behavior to the type of workload you’re running. Register and deregister servers from load balancers, use a variety of health checks to monitor health, or run stateful workloads on excess capacity without worrying about data integrity.

Seamless integration with your stack

Elastigroup easily plugs into the tools you already use including Infrastructure as Code providers such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet. Keep your existing templates in place, and let Elastigroup determine and enforce the best possible mix of server sizes, types, and lifecycles for your workloads.


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