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Intelligent Reserved and Savings Plans Lifecycle Automation.
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Full Commitment Utilization

Ongoing analysis, modification and mapping of unused Reserved Instances and Savings Plans to instances running On-Demand, ensures maximized ROI on prepaid cloud investments.

Managed RI Lifecycle

With a comprehensive analysis of compute workloads, Reserved Instance buying and selling in the AWS Marketplace is automated to ensure your workloads are running at optimal pricing.

Finance & DevOps Synergy

With full visibility into compute consumption and automation of optimal Reserved Instances and Savings Plans strategies, Finance and DevOps teams can easily collaborate on managing cloud cost.

Zero Engineering Effort

Reserved Instances and Savings Plans are purely a pricing model for EC2, RDS and other AWS services. Engineers don’t have to change anything about compute specifications or applications they use today. Once enabled Eco by Spot will continually track usage as well as build forecasting models to constantly manage your RI and Savings Plans lifecycle.

One of the most important aspects of any RI Portfolio is the initial inception. Ensuring your Reserved Instance and Savings Plan fleet is well built from the start will determine your path to savings in the future. That said, Eco will work with any existing commitments portfolio to build strategies for ever-changing cloud usage.

Zero Engineering Effort

Respond to Changes in Utilization

Lowering the hourly cost of compute is great, but what if compute demands change? Eco constantly monitors accounts for changes and will actively execute Reserved Instance Strategies to ensure that capacity purchases are always covering as much compute resources as possible.

Respond to Changes in Utilization

Diversify Commitment

Reserved Instances and Savings Plans lower the hourly cost of compute, but come with a contractual commitment of one or three years. Eco acts as a cloud brokerage engine, utilizing the AWS MarketPlace, to mix and match commitment lengths with optimal utilization and as much financial flexibility as possible.

Diversify Commitment Marketplace Community

Spot manages thousands of accounts and hundreds of thousands of Reserved Instances. This customer base and acquired knowledge help Eco to quickly match customers who have immediate needs to buy and sell reservations on the Marketplace, acting as a perfect broker for private deals as well. This enables Spot to understand and control market liquidity even before listing. Marketplace Community

Forecast Powered by Machine Learning

As smart as a human can be, forecasting cloud commitment in an increasingly complicated cloud environment is inefficient, even when using the best reporting tools available. Inefficiencies arise even for the most talented teams. Eco continually analyzes millions of data points to identify the makeup of your ideal RI fleet.

Forecast Powered by Machine Learning

Full Lifecycle Management

Anyone can make recommendations, Eco takes action. Eco actively manages the planning, purchasing and reselling of RIs. The market is continuously monitored for relevant opportunities and terms are intentionally staggered to provide the best flexibility with the future in mind.

Full Lifecycle Management

Perfect Planning

What makes Eco unique is the way it blends Reserved Instances and Savings Plans to take advantage of the unique strengths each offer. Eco will mix a blend of Savings Plans along with Standard and Convertible RIs with varying term lengths to provide coverage for each area of your cloud usage. Taking in factors such as flexibility, market volume, historical and predicted usage, Eco identifies the correct blend to maximize savings while providing the most flexibility to handle future needs.

Perfect Planning

Just in Time RIs

By creating a well-balanced mix of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans, Eco aims to always have portions of your commitments expiring or up for renewal at any given time. This continuous, natural reduction of commitment levels allows for constant modifications to your cloud strategy to adapt to changing needs and usage.

Just in Time RIs

Compatible Services

Amazon AWS









ECO Analyzes

Eco loads all available cost and usage reports then analyze each line item by dimensions such as region, instance family, tags, lifespan and scale.  In addition to account data, Eco brings years of detailed marketplace and industry usage data, to bolster strategies for each region, OS, and instance type you use.  Results are aggregated to provide a holistic view of on-demand use across all of your linked AWS accounts.

ECO Plans

Eco builds on analytics to generate optimal strategy plans. Strategies are tailored solutions that combine any number of RI purchase options to keep commitment terms low and utilization high.  This means that you are saving the highest amount possible while retaining the most flexibility for the future. 

ECO Acts

With a complete view of cloud usage, Eco begins systematically building the foundation of your RI Portfolio. Constantly tweaking strategies based on market availability and new data, Eco will continuously buy, sell and manage your RIs to maximize savings and ensure a well-balanced mix of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans types.

Use Cases

Agile RIs

Use RIs even with compute needs that
change over time

Sell Instantly

Move RIs fast, as Eco will sell or convert RIs before they become an uncovered loss

Reasonable Commitments

Structure Reserved Instances and Savings Plans so that terms are best for the workloads you run, keeping committed dollars to as short a period as possible

Compatibility with Spot Instances

Eco works seamlessly with spot instances, identifying compute best fit for RIs while being aware of applications that work best with Spot Instances.

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