Run your dynamic environments with flexible reserved capacity

Spot Eco simplifies planning, purchasing and optimization of Savings Plans and Reserved Instances on AWS and Azure. As you infrastructure needs change, Eco Automation balances your reserved capacity portfolio to realize the full ROI of your cloud commitments.

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Get the most out of cloud commitment purchases

With Spot Eco, finance and operations teams have an automated, centralized process for managing and optimizing reserved capacity.

Ensure maximum ROI on cloud commitments with analysis, modification and allocation of reserved capacity and Savings Plans to resource demands.
Automate purchasing strategies for reserved instances in the AWS Marketplace throughout their lifecycle to ensure workloads are always running at optimal pricing.
Enable collaboration between Finance and DevOps teams with full visibility into compute consumption and automation of optimal commitment strategies.
Using Eco by Spot has completely revolutionized how Arcadia buys, sells and utilizes reserved cloudcapacity, more than doubling our savings. We now are able to access long-term pricing with mostly short-term commitments, keeping us nimble and cost-efficient.
Britt Sutcliffe, Technology Project & Cost Manager
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How it works


Eco analyzes cloud usage and billing data across all subscriptions and linked accounts, alongside detailed marketplace and industry data to deliver a holistic, aggregated view of cloud consumption.


Insights turn into action with customized strategies designed to keep commitment terms low and utilization high, while maintaining flexibility by combining various reservation and Savings Plan options.


Eco continuously and dynamically manages committed capacity lifecycles to ensure maximum utilization and ROI of cloud purchases. Capacity tuning, as well as marketplace buying and selling strategies are automated, to create an optimal portfolio of commitment types.


Effortless deployment

You don’t need to change your environment or deal with a complex integration effort to start using Eco. Once enabled, Eco works with your existing portfolio of AWS and Azure committed purchases and constantly manages their lifecycles. Engineers don’t have to change anything about compute specifications or applications they use today.

Leverage reserved
capacity market place

Generate massive savings for even short-term projects with zero risk using Eco to continuously seek out and buy the best marketplace deals on 3rd-party RIs in the AWS Marketplace.    

Understand & predict needs

Eco continually analyzes millions of data points to identify the makeup of your ideal committed capacity portfolio. It constantly monitors your accounts for changes and actively executes based on defined strategies to ensure that Savings Plans and Reserved Instances on AWS and Azure always cover as much of your compute resource requirements as possible.

Commitment portfolio optimization

Eco identifies the ideal mix of commitment purchases to maximize savings while providing the most flexibility for future needs. Eco utilizes Savings Plans along with Standard and Convertible reserved instances of varying term lengths and utilizes the AWS MarketPlace to mix and match commitment lengths to optimize utilization and provide as much financial flexibility as possible.

Seamless integration

Eco supports the services and applications that you already use, allowing you to benefit from the optimal purchasing strategies for the compute infrastructure needed to support your current and future workloads.


Get Started

Want to learn more? Watch a demo and discover how Eco can help you can enjoy long-term cloud savings without financial lock-in.

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