Create a cloud portfolio that matches your needs

Eco eliminates risk by identifying and off-loading unused RIs and Savings Plans. As your needs change Eco updates your portfolio so you can enjoy the benefits of long-term pricing without financial lock-in.

Cloud Analyzer Dashboard

Stop wasting money on unused Reserved Instances and Savings Plans

Whenever capacity requirements change, Eco can automatically adjust your portfolio and offload any unused commitments for maximum ROI.
AI-driven capacity planning and automated procurement eliminates the complexity of Savings Plans and RI lifecycle management.
Full visibility into cloud spend and automation of optimal commitment strategies enables seamless Finance and DevOps collaboration.
Eco by Spot perfectly met our needs of freeing up our team to focus on our product while obtaining a significantly higher level of RI savings and making it easy to tweak over time.
Jason Turim, VP of Engineering
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How it works


Eco combines years of analysis of detailed marketplace and industry usage data with the complete details of your cloud purchases and usage by region, instance family, tags, lifespan and scale. That analysis is used to provide a holistic view of on-demand use across all of your linked AWS accounts.


Eco uses those analytics to determine optimal purchasing strategies tailored to your cloud usage, evaluating your existing reserved instance and Savings Plans portfolio together with any number of commitment purchase options to keep commitment terms low and utilization high. You save the highest amount possible while retaining the most flexibility for the future.


Based on those analytics and strategies, Eco helps you to build and manage your portfolio of committed capacity purchases. Constantly tweaking strategies based on market availability and new data, Eco continuously buys, sells and manages your portfolio to maximize savings with an optimal mix of reserved instances and Savings Plans.


Effortless deployment

You don’t need to change your environment or deal with a complex integration effort to start using Eco. Once enabled, Eco works with your existing portfolio of commitment purchases and constantly manages your reserved instance and Savings Plans lifecycles. Engineers don’t have to change anything about compute specifications or applications they use today.

Full lifecycle management

Eco actively manages the full lifecycle of your commitments: planning, purchasing and reselling. It ensures that your reserved instance and Savings Plan portfolio is optimized from the start, starting with your existing commitment purchases and creating a well-balanced mix of reserved instances and Savings Plans that continues to adapt to changing needs and usage.

Understand & predict needs

Eco continually analyzes millions of data points to identify the makeup of your ideal committed capacity portfolio. It constantly monitors your accounts for changes and actively executes on defined strategies to ensure that RI and Savings Plans purchases always cover as much of your compute resource requirements as possible.

Commitment portfolio optimization

Analyze what is being spent and by who, with current, historical and projected cost and usage visualizations across all your cloud deployments.

Seamless integration

Eco supports the services and applications that you already use, allowing you to benefit from the optimal purchasing strategies for the compute infrastructure needed to support your current and future workloads.


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