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Cloud Analyzer is a cloud infrastructure management solution that uses advanced analytics to provide visibility and insights into your cloud costs, shows you where you can optimize those costs, and lets you implement that optimization using Spot’s portfolio of continuous optimization products in just a few clicks.

Cloud Analyzer Dashboard

Get the most out of your cloud investment

Map your cloud infrastructure and see comprehensive insights into costs and usage across all your cloud accounts.
See your cloud efficiency, identifying your best opportunities to reduce cloud costs and tracking your results over time.
Get actionable recommendations that you can implement and automate in just a few clicks to reduce costs and increase ROI.
Cloud Analyzer connects cloud cost visibility and recommendations with the concrete ability to optimize cloud cost and utilization.
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How it works

Cloud Analyzer uses predictive analytics and machine learning to provide actionable visibility and guidance. It measures your resource utilization and costs to show you opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Examines historical and real-time data across all your accounts and workloads to identify trends, patterns, anomalies and misconfigurations that impact cloud infrastructure utilization and costs.


Uses analytics to identify, quantify and recommend where you can reduce costs across your cloud infrastructure through right-sizing, commitment usage, purchasing strategies and more.


Enables you to implement and automate specific improvements in a few clicks, using Spot’s products to continuously optimize capacity, utilization, purchasing and scaling.


Cloud spend insights

Slice and dice your cloud usage and cost data, create custom reports and share it with other team members. Get a comprehensive view from multiple dimensions and layers across tags, accounts, usage type and more.

Trend analysis

Use machine learning to identify irregular cloud spend and usage patterns, with clear reporting and alerts, so you can resolve the issue and stay within your planned capacity.

Cloud governance

Maintain accountability with comprehensive policies, reporting, alerts, and actionable recommendations.

Cost & usage forecast

Analyze what is being spent and by who, with current, historical and projected cost and usage visualizations across all your cloud deployments.

Cloud efficiency score

Based on actual data from your cloud usage, Cloud Analyzer calculates the efficiency score for every account in your cloud organization based on the savings opportunities across spot and reserved instances including right-sizing and eliminating idle resources.


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