Cloud Control episode 9: The power of lightweight endpoint security

The power of lightweight endpoint security featuring Zach Wasserman from Fleet


On this episode, Shon delves into the open-source security realm with Zach Wasserman, CTO of Fleet Device Management. In a world brimming with cyber threats, this episode is a beacon for IT enthusiasts and professionals. Zach shares Fleet’s journey from Facebook’s corridors to the forefront of endpoint security, and how they balance offering robust open-source tools with a sustainable business model.

Discover the strategies behind building transparent security measures that don’t sacrifice performance for protection. Plus, Zach imparts his vision on the future of SaaS and how Fleet’s model ensures customer data integrity and operational flexibility.


Episode highlights:

  • 2:19: The intersection of open source and monetization in security
  • 3:09: The inception and evolution of Fleet Device Management
  • 7:32: The critical role of endpoint security in current IT environments
  • 17:22: The future of endpoint security with expanding device ecosystems
  • 27:28: Addressing vulnerabilities in containerized environments
  • 31:28: The impact of a Linux Foundation project on open source development
  • 38:29: The synergy between open source and higher education
  • 41:54: The strategic pivot to SaaS in Fleet’s service offerings
  • 51:23: Fostering a culture of trust in endpoint security
  • 55:23: Promoting work-life balance within tech organizations


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