Cloud Control episode 8: Building a better Internet

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Building a better Internet with John Engates from Cloudflare


On this episode of Cloud Control, host Shon Harris sits down with John Engates, Field CTO of Cloudflare, for an in-depth conversation exploring the intersections of technology, privacy, and security. Dive into the backstory of Cloudflare’s transformative DNS service, which is redefining what it means to offer both speed and privacy in data transfer. Explore the early days of cloud computing with John’s firsthand experience at Rackspace, and learn about the inception of OpenStack, the open-source cloud platform that has democratized understanding of cloud infrastructure.

Innovation is never just about technology; it’s also about societal impact. John shares insights on Project Galileo, Cloudflare’s initiative to protect the Internet’s most vulnerable voices from censorship and cyberattacks, as well as the company’s commitment to securing political campaigns and election infrastructure.

Stay tuned as the discussion ventures into the realms of encryption driven by lava lamp randomness, the role of AI in enhancing security measures, and the challenges that quantum computing poses to existing encryption standards. Whether you’re in the tech industry, involved in digital policy-making, or your generally curious about the future of the Internet, this episode offers invaluable insights you won’t want to miss.


Episode highlights

  • 2:38: Cloudflare’s DNS service
  • 8:15: Early days of cloud computing
  • 12:42: The birth of OpenStack
  • 17:05: Looking back on OpenStack
  • 20:00: Cloudflare’s Lava Lamp Entropy
  • 23:46: Cloudflare and AI
  • 32:06: Cloudflare’s compute efficiency
  • 37:00: Keeping the Internet open
  • 44:54: Securing elections
  • 48:15: The future of cloud computing
  • 53:30: What’s next for Cloudflare
  • 56:27: Exciting new tech
  • 59:00: AI security concerns
  • 1:01:21: About John


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