Cloud Control episode 6: The future of the cloud

The future of the cloud featuring James Sanders


On this episode of Cloud Control, we delve into an insightful conversation with James Sanders, a principal analyst for CCS Insight and a recognized expert in cloud and infrastructure technology. We dive deep into the rapid shift to the cloud during the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial implications this rapid adoption has had for businesses worldwide.

Listen in as we unpack strategies for cost optimization, the complexities of repatriating workloads, and the human factor involved in technology adoption. We also discuss the influence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in the cloud industry and the dire need for improved reporting tools to meet emerging sustainability demands. James further elaborates on the exciting future trends in cloud computing, including the rise of custom silicon for AI, the ongoing coexistence of virtual machines and containers, and the disruptive potential of quantum computing.


Episode highlights

  • 3:43: The rapid move to the cloud during the pandemic
  • 7:11: Companies cutting cloud spending and considering repatriation
  • 10:12: Layoffs in the tech industry and their impact
  • 11:46: Acquisition landscape and its impact on the cloud
  • 17:05: Future trends in cloud computing
  • 21:59: The impact of quantum computing on the cloud
  • 26:11: The future of containerization and virtual machines
  • 28:29: The competition between X86 and ARM processors
  • 41:26: The importance of ESG and sustainability in the cloud


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