Cloud Control episode 5: The growth & future of AKS

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Scaling the cloud: The growth & future of AKS featuring Jorge Palma from Microsoft


On this episode of Cloud Control, Shon Harris, DevRel lead at Spot by NetApp, speaks with Jorge Palma, Principal Product Manager for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). They dive deep into the transformation and evolution of Microsoft Azure and the pivotal role of AKS in shaping the future of cloud-native computing.


Key takeaways:

  • Discover the unique journey from inception to innovation, and learn about the challenges and successes in testing and scaling AKS in every Azure region worldwide.
  • Gain valuable insights into Microsoft’s implementation of cloud optimization tools that provide customers with the best value per compute unit.
  • Stay updated on the emerging trends shaping the future of Kubernetes and cloud-native computing, including efforts for improving user experience, resource efficiency, and the continuous focus on security.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the landscape of cloud services, Kubernetes, and sustainable, secure, and efficient cloud computing.


Episode highlights

  • 3:54: Discussion on Microsoft’s journey in the cloud space
  • 7:21: Importance of open source and Microsoft’s contributions
  • 9:42: Microsoft’s approach to DevOps and its impact on Azure
  • 10:59: Overview of Azure Kubernetes service (AKS) and its planning process
  • 14:20: Testing at scale and the importance of automation
  • 18:27: Microsoft’s focus on sustainability and AKS’s role in it
  • 21:34: Cloud optimization and cost savings in AKS
  • 24:16: Microsoft’s contributions to the open source community
  • 30:45: Exciting trends in Kubernetes and the importance of security


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