Cloud Control episode 4: FinOps for the rest of us

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FinOps for the rest of us featuring Sara Gadallah


FinOps is a rapidly transforming landscape that plays a crucial role in driving business growth, efficiency, and transparency. But how does it work into a solid cloud operations strategy? On this episode of Cloud Control, presented by Spot by NetApp, host Shon Harris talks with Sara Gadallah, Principal Cloud FinOps Analyst at Atlassian, to discuss the role FinOps plays in CloudOps.


Key takeaways:

  • The importance of continuous collaboration and education to make informed decisions on cloud cost optimization
  • The culture change needed to drive engineers to see cost as another operational metric
  • The alignment of FinOps and data security


Episode highlights

  • 2:10: The misconception that FinOps is only about cost savings
  • 3:45: What is FinOps, and how do you explain it to someone who has never heard of it?
  • 5:08: Sara’s experience joining Atlassian’s FinOps team and the impact it had on the company
  • 9:09: The importance of continuous collaboration and education in FinOps
  • 15:02: Quantifying the benefits of FinOps to management
  • 19:20: The role of FinOps in bridging the gap between finance and engineering
  • 25:35: The structured process of cloud cost management at Atlassian
  • 29:26: The importance of data-driven decision making in FinOps
  • 30:39: The crucial role of tagging in cost allocation and data visibility
  • 39:04: Tips for those who want to work in FinOps


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