Cloud Control episode 14: Everything is code

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Everything is code: The reality of infrastructure management with Rosemary Wang


In this episode, hosts Shon Harris and Phoebe Goh speak with Rosemary Wang from Hashicorp, a seasoned expert in infrastructure automation. Rosemary shares her journey from networking and telecommunications to mastering the art of cloud migrations and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Listen to the episode to discover insights into the significance of networking knowledge in cloud automation, the transformative power of IaC, and the pivotal role of community and education in advancing cloud operations.


Episode highlights

  • 1:01: Rosemary Wang’s journey into cloud and Infrastructure as Code
  • 6:37: The evolution of cloud technologies and best practices
  • 11:43: Challenges and insights in deploying Infrastructure as Code
  • 15:00: Embracing immutability and ephemeral infrastructure for reliability
  • 19:03: The shift to testing in production for efficiency
  • 23:28: Addressing the gaps in infrastructure security and best practices
  • 28:27: Innovations in security for Infrastructure as Code
  • 34:14: Community contributions and the ecosystem around Terraform
  • 39:15: The reality of hybrid cloud environments and Terraform’s role
  • 43:54: Rosemary’s personal journey and advice for aspiring technologists
  • 50:24: Engaging with the community and learning resources
  • 56:29: Unique and creative uses of Terraform in everyday life


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