Cloud Control episode 12: Let’s talk serverless

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Let’s talk serverless: A discussion with AWS Hero Yan Cui


In this episode of Cloud Control, host Shon Harris speaks with Yan Cui, an AWS Serverless hero and consultant, to explore the transformative world of serverless computing. Yan shares his journey from traditional infrastructure to serverless technologies, discussing the evolution of AWS and the pivotal role serverless plays in modern computing.

The conversation delves into practical applications, the impact of AI and ML on serverless environments, and the significance of community and knowledge sharing in tech. Yan’s insights provide a deep dive into serverless architecture, its challenges, and future trends, making this a must-listen for anyone interested in this cutting edge cloud technology. Join us for an enlightening discussion that demystifies serverless computing and highlights its growing importance in the cloud landscape.


Episode highlights:

  • 0:58: Yan’s career pivot to serverless
  • 2:06: Traditional infrastructure to AWS and serverless and real-world implementation of serverless
  • 6:16: Serverless in the early days of cloud computing and the migration from monolithic to microservices and serverless
  • 11:25: Advancing into serverless: learning and experimentation
  • 15:31: DevOps and platform engineering
  • 25:28: AWS re:Invent highlights and serverless announcements
  • 30:04:  AI and ML in serverless computing
  • 32:26: The importance of community
  • 42:24: Thought leaders and influencers in the serverless space
  • 46:56: How Yan balances consulting, teaching, and personal time


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