Cloud Control episode 10: From the court to the cloud for

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How became a billion-dollar unicorn, with CEO & Founder Idit Levine


On this episode, Shon goes in-depth with Idit Levine, founder and CEO of, an application networking unicorn valued at over $1 billion. They explore Idit’s journey from professional basketball in Israel to leading Solo’s meteoric rise at the bleeding edge of cloud native infrastructure.

Hear Idit’s unique insights on empowering engineering teams, the realities of open source, and persisting through hurdles as a female tech founder. Learn how is reinventing networking to unleash the power of microservices, while partnering closely with customers to drive production success. This wide-ranging conversation offers rare wisdom on everything from startup culture wars to customer-centric product development. Idit also shares tactical advice for women looking to excel in STEM fields and tech leadership roles.


Episode highlights:

  • 1:29: From basketball in Israel to founding
  • 3:00: Identifying the opportunity around containers and microservices
  • 7:00: The future of Kubernetes innovation
  • 9:30: Empowering talented engineers as a leader
  • 12:00: Being a female founder in a male-dominated industry
  • 17:30: Building an engineering-focused startup culture
  • 20:00: Balancing technical and business leadership
  • 25:00: The reality of achieving equal representation
  • 27:00: Qualities that enabled success as a founder
  • 32:00: Inspiring and empowering future female engineers
  • 40:00: Contributing to open source communities
  • 46:00: Microsoft’s evolving open source strategy
  • 53:00: Building products driven by user outcomes


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