Cloud Control ep. 21: Redefining Observability with Charity Majors

Join us as Charity Majors, co-founder, and CTO of, delves into the intricacies of observability and its pivotal role in modern software development. Charity shares her unique journey from North Idaho to becoming a tech leader, discusses the transformative power of AI in observability, and addresses common misconceptions about the field. Join us as we look into a mirror bar to see how Observability and AI have redefined each other.

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Episode summary

  • 00:00 – Introduction to Charity Majors and observability insights
  • 01:47 – Behind the Scenes: The glamour of Google Cloud Next
  • 02:26 – Integrating AI with observability tools
  • 05:01 – Real role of AI in enhancing development
  • 06:34 – The genesis of Honeycomb and Charity’s motivation
  • 09:32 – Defining observability in modern software practices
  • 10:43 – Debunking myths: The 3 pillars of observability
  • 13:14 – Executive misunderstandings of observability
  • 14:38 – The challenge of Honeycomb’s first customer
  • 16:48 – Integrating observability with platform engineering
  • 19:09 – Changing views on DevOps and platform engineering roles
  • 22:17 – Career progression from Infrastructure to CTO
  • 25:20 – Discussing gender and diversity in Tech
  • 28:51 – Evolving career paths in Engineering
  • 31:16 – The future of observability and AI integration
  • 34:10 – Personal reflections and career highlights
  • 35:18 – Essential tools for Engineers
  • 36:13 – Charity’s unique journey from Idaho to tech leadership

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