Cloud Control ep. 19: Cloud Mapping with Simon Wardley

Reading Time: 2 minutes


In this episode, host Shon Harris is joined by Simon Wardley, a pioneer of Wardley Maps and strategic thinking in the cloud. Simon shares his journey from foundational days at Canonical and shaping Ubuntu’s cloud dominance to his groundbreaking work on mapping techniques that aid in anticipating technological shifts. Discover the critical role of open source in cloud computing, the impact of serverless architectures, and the futuristic shift towards conversational programming and AI.


Episode summary

  • 0:59: Simon Wardley’s background, role, and impact at Canonical and Ubuntu
  • 1:27: Discussion on MBA Education and its impact
  • 2:20: Transition from CIO roles to developer relations
  • 3:00: Genesis and evolution of Wardley Maps
  • 7:56: Realization of need for real mapping in strategy
  • 8:45: Developing concept of value chain and evolution in maps
  • 10:11: Dramatic resignation from Fotango and advocacy for Open Source
  • 17:05: Early innovation in serverless and cloud computing
  • 21:12: Role of Open Source in cloud development
  • 25:59: Importance of Kubernetes and shift in cloud layers
  • 31:00: Impact of cloud providers on industry standards and innovation
  • 37:48: Discussion on future of conversational programming and AI
  • 45:33: Potential impact of new technologies on society
  • 49:22: Data security, IP, and AI in the corporate world
  • 57:12: Recommended reading and influential books


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