Cloud Control ep. 18: A CIO’s take on cloud evolution

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A CIO’s take on cloud evolution with Tim Crawford


Join us for an engaging conversation with Tim Crawford, an experienced advisor to C-Suite Technical leaders across a diverse range of businesses, spanning from startups to enterprises to higher education. Tim and Shon delve into the world of hybrid cloud, exploring its realities, the transformative impact of open source on business computing, and the future trends in enterprise technology, AI, and cloud.


Episode highlights

  • Impact of economic changes from 2023 on current trends
  • Strategic decisions facing CIOs in current economic climate
  • Changes in technology landscape and their impact
  • Increased cloud adoption due to market shifts
  • Future trends and predictions in enterprise technology
  • The role of higher education and nonprofits in technology adoption
  • Strategy and risk management in technology adoption
  • The role of open source in modern IT strategies
  • Hyperscaler influence on enterprise technology choices
  • The future of hyperscaler competition
  • Compliance and regulatory challenges in technology
  • Leveraging enterprise software for regulatory compliance
  • Evolution and future of generative AI in business
  • Trends and future directions in cloud and hybrid IT environments
  • Resources for understanding CIO perspectives and industry trends


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