Cloud Control ep. 17: Connecting infrastructure, innovation and community

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The code that connects: Infrastructure, innovation and how community impacts them


In this episode, Shon sits down with Marino Wijay, a trailblazer in open-source community engineering. Marino, with his rich expertise in Kubernetes, Istio, EBPF, and more, delves into the evolution of networking, infrastructure automation, and the cloud-native landscape.

Join us as we uncover the secrets of full-stack networking, CI/CD pipelines, and the principles of infrastructure as code, all while navigating the dynamic challenges and opportunities within the tech industry.


Episode highlights:

  • 1:15: Marino Wijay’s early inspirations in technology and networking
  • 3:36: Transition to Developer Relations and importance of communication
  • 6:51: Leveraging past experiences in current technology practices
  • 9:32: Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in tech through open source
  • 12:34: The state of Developer Relations and its future direction
  • 16:16: The impact of DevRel on business and community
  • 18:56: Engaging with various communities and the challenge of scale
  • 21:07: Origin and evolution of Qpuddle Conference
  • 24:43: The joys and challenges of organizing tech conferences
  • 27:22: Encouraging participation in tech community events
  • 30:41: Importance of networking in tech career development
  • 33:46: Managing public engagement and finding downtime
  • 36:26: Personal hobbies and interests outside of tech
  • 38:24: Music preferences and their role in downtime
  • 41:29: Concept of fractional mentorship in tech careers
  • 43:49: How to connect with Marino Wijay and upcoming events


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