Cloud Control ep. 16: The evolution of CloudOps: Bridging DevOps to FinOps

The evolution of CloudOps: Bridging DevOps to FinOps


In this episode, we sit down with the legendary Bernard Golden, a pioneer with over three decades of experience in technology and cloud computing. Bernard, having shaped the cloud strategies for giants like Capital One and VMware, shares his unparalleled insights into digital transformation, the intricacies of DevOps, and the relentless pursuit of innovation in cloud technology.


Episode highlights:

  • 1:18: Bernard Golden’s background and the role of VP of Cloud at Capital One
  • 3:44: Transforming into a technology company: Capital One’s strategic shift
  • 6:42: Navigating compliance and security in the cloud
  • 8:16: Embracing open source: Capital One’s innovative approach
  • 11:13: The importance of cloud optimization and governance
  • 14:36: Capital One’s approach to cloud cost management
  • 17:12: Discussing cloud custodian and its role in optimization
  • 20:30: The culture of risk management and compliance at Capital One
  • 22:56: Developer buy-in and the shift to CloudOps and FinOps
  • 26:33: Analyzing the control of the cloud market by major hyperscalers
  • 31:12: The future of cloud security and national security clouds
  • 34:20: The evolution of cloud computing and the role of AI and chips
  • 38:09: Kubernetes: Here to stay or a passing fad?
  • 40:17: The next big thing in cloud computing: DevOps and operational practices
  • 42:45: Staying up-to-date on cloud technologies and trends


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