Cloud Control episode 13: A discussion about the hybrid reality

Don’t cloud your judgement: A discussion about the hybrid reality with Bill Kleyman


Welcome to Cloud Control, the podcast where technology meets humanity, hosted by Shon Harris. In this riveting episode, we’re joined by Bill Kleyman, a cloud architect and thought leader with a rich background in digital infrastructure. Originally from Ukraine and a music enthusiast, Bill shares his journey from network engineering to shaping the future of cloud computing.

This episode delves into the impacts of the VMware Broadcom merger, the evolution of cloud repatriation, and the challenges of ethical AI. Bill’s insights into the intersections of AI, sustainability, and data center innovations are not only enlightening but deeply humanizing. Whether you’re a tech nerd or a newbie, join us for a conversation that bridges the gap between complex technology and its real-world implications.


Episode highlights

  • 00:00: Introduction and Bill Kleyman’s background
  • 2:30: Music background and transition to technology
  • 5:21: Journey from network engineering to cloud computing
  • 8:50: Impact of VMware Broadcom acquisition on cloud industry
  • 13:46: Evolution of VMware and future of virtualization
  • 17:31: Challenges and opportunities in cloud migration and repatriation
  • 22:48: Entering the ethical AI space and Neuro’s role
  • 27:30: Core principles of AI development at Neuro: Sustainability, transparency, ethics
  • 33:42: Diversity in AI development and avoiding bias
  • 38:53: Challenges and importance of ethics in AI development
  • 43:01: Need for regulation and standardization in AI
  • 47:41: Sustainability in AI development and operations
  • 51:20: Advice for aspiring engineers in challenging environments
  • 54:06: Closing thoughts and future outlook in technology


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