Cloud Control episode 15: Insights on the AI-driven Industrial Revolution

The Skynet Scenario: Jack Gold’s insights on the AI-driven 5th Industrial Revolution


Industry analyst Jack Gold joins host Shon Harris to discuss the past, present, and future of AI, silicon, public cloud, data privacy, and more. They compare assisted vs artificial intelligence, analyze innovative and dangerous uses of AI, debate government regulation around privacy, and give predictions on the next big shifts in cloud computing and security. Gain unique insights from Jack’s 45+ years working across semiconductors, computing, and consumer tech, and as a leading authority on enterprise mobility and security.


Episode highlights

  • 2:06: Evolution of connectivity and mobile tech
  • 5:50: Early days of computing
  • 8:36: Chip innovation at hyperscalers
  • 13:33: Software considerations for new hardware
  • 16:49: AI promise and perils
  • 21:04: Differentiating assisted vs artificial Intelligence
  • 25:26: Realistic AI use cases
  • 31:51: Best AI applications
  • 35:01: AI for fraud detection
  • 38:14: Dual-edged sword of AI impacts
  • 40:45: Remote work and cloud – pendulum swings
  • 43:10: Missing privacy controls in cloud
  • 48:16: Scary infrastructure hacks
  • 50:46: Shift in hacker motivations
  • 53:07: Early smartphone predictions


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