Introducing The New Stateful Creation Wizard

Spot instances are a great way to save 80% or more on cloud computing costs. However, users are sometimes apprehensive to choose them for their workloads that require persistence because they can be terminated with little notice. Spotinst understands that some workloads require persistence when using excess-capacity compute resources like AWS Spot and recently added an exciting new enhancement to Elastigroup!

We are pleased to announce the new Stateful Creation Wizard for Elastigroup. The new wizard greatly simplifies the process of creating new stateful Elastigroups, and walks you through the process, step-by-step.



When instances are terminated, either by the cloud provider or when Elastigroup finds a cheaper Spot Market to run your workload on to reduce costs, Elastigroup will create new instances for you and re-attach the items that you want to persist without manual user intervention. With this capability, you will be able to run any type of workload on spot instances without the fear of losing data or reconfiguring clusters.

Learn more about the new Stateful Creation Wizard in our documentation. When you are ready to take it for a spin, log in the Spotinst Console and create a new Stateful Elastigroup!