Empowering organizations with reliable continuous delivery for Kubernetes applications

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Managing application updates in production and ensuring the reliability of software releases in Kubernetes environments can be challenging. Small changes can sometimes lead to unforeseen issues in production. These unexpected problems, combined with the lack of scalability and the high costs associated with managing complex solutions, can be daunting.

Moreover, there is a need to make the most out of development resources while keeping production issues to a minimum. This balancing act can often result in losing control and confidence when managing production environments. The challenge becomes even more significant as the frequency of software releases increases. As teams release updates more often, it becomes harder and costlier to keep the production environment stable.

Existing continuous delivery (CD) solutions have their own challenges. Commercial solutions can be costly, while homegrown and open-source solutions require maintenance and lack enterprise capabilities such as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), high scalability, and robust security, to name a few. Automation and observability are also pain points, with customers struggling to ensure application stability and immediate alerts in case of issues during the deployment. Setting up CD at scale across clusters, clouds, environments, and workloads can be difficult. In addition, there is a need for a developer-friendly UI and the ability to maintain governance.

While the challenges of managing complex deployments and ensuring software reliability in Kubernetes are not trivial, do not despair. Spot by NetApp recognized these hurdles and developed a solution that not only addresses these concerns but also empowers developers and operations teams to excel in their roles.


Enter Ocean CD

Spot Ocean CD is a continuous delivery solution designed specifically for Kubernetes applications. It solves these problems by providing an enterprise-grade, reliable CD automation solution. It enables progressive deployment strategies like Canary deployments, continuous verification, failure policies, and observability.

With Ocean CD, developers can easily capture real-time logs and metrics, conduct real-time analysis during and after software changes, and automate the release process while maintaining change control. It allows organizations to have frequent software releases while preserving high -quality, improving the organization’s efficiency and customer experience.


Ocean CD’s smart deployments enable organizations to easily customize and reuse canary mechanisms across multiple services, saving time and effort. It allows gradual and controlled releases that catch issues early and enable rollback to a stable state. The continuous verification logic in Ocean CD allows real-time control and understanding of the application state in production, integrating popular monitoring tools and automating the deployment process.

Moreover, Ocean CD empowers developers to define their own success and failure factors for deployments based on a baseline. This baseline can be set automatically, providing a flexible and personalized approach to deployment management. The user-friendly visibility provided by Ocean CD allows service owners, software developers, DevOps engineers, Platform Engineers, and SREs to gain insights, make informed decisions, and automate processes without requiring deep Ops skills or switching between multiple tools.


Continuously simplifying Kubernetes

Picture your development team confidently pushing code changes, knowing that Spot Ocean CD’s progressive deployment strategies, such as Canary releases, are there to ensure that only the most stable iterations reach your users. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with continuous verification, where each deployment is meticulously analyzed against predefined success metrics, allowing any anomalies to be caught swiftly.

This is not just a dream for the future; it’s a reality you can start experiencing today. Dive into the Ocean CD Workshop or test the waters directly on the Spot Console and see how your Kubernetes deployments can become smooth and reliable. I guarantee it will take you less than 30 minutes to start smiling.