Elastigroup now supports Auto Upgrades for GKE

Node auto-upgrades help you keep the nodes in your cluster up to date with the latest stable version of Kubernetes. Auto-Upgrades use the same update mechanism as manual node upgrades. For more information about upgrading, refer to Upgrading a Container Cluster.

Some benefits of using Elastigroup auto-upgrades for GKE:

  • Serverless: You don’t have to manage or patch any VM, Elastigroup does all of that for you.
  • Security: Sometimes new binaries are released to fix a security issue. With auto-upgrades, GKE automatically ensures that security updates are applied and kept up to date.

Elastigroups with auto-upgrades enabled are automatically scheduled for upgrades when a new stable Kubernetes version becomes available. When the upgrade is performed, nodes are drained and re-created to match the current cluster master version.

To enable the Auto Upgrade feature, use the API attribute thirdPartiesIntegration.gke.autoUpdate or directly from the Elastigroup UI console.