Elastigroup Now Supports Blue/Green Deployments on Google Cloud

We’re happy to announce that Elastigroup now supports blue/green deployments on Gooogle Cloud!
Blue/green deployments let you test new application versions before they handle 100% of production traffic. If there’s an issue with the newly deployed application (i.e your instances do not become healthy or return HTTP errors), the blue/green deployment process will fail and the newly created instances will be terminated.

To run blue/green deployments Elastigroup provisions a new set of instances in batches based on your preferred batch size. The latest version of your application is installed on each instance in the batch by using a new Image or start-up script. After the new instances are deemed healthy, Elastigroup reroutes traffic from the existing set of instances (Blue) to the new set of instances running the latest version (Green).

Get started with Elastigroup on GCP by heading to our console, or check out our API documentation here.